Dope Stars Inc. - Remixer, Mixer, Guitarist - Decrypted Files Out (2016)

Producer, Remixer, Guitars, Synth, Programming, Mixer: Track 10
Label: Dope Stars Inc. (Digital)

1 Killing The Black Hole (Ultrawired Era Demo)
2 Make A Shout (Ultrawired Era Demo)
3 Sublimination (21st Century Slave Era Demo)
4 What Do You Want? (21st Century Slave Era Demo)
5 Average People (Gigahearts Era Demo)
6 I Wanna Kill You Softly (Gigahearts Era Demo)
7 Jackpot Life (Gigahearts Era Demo)
8 Kriegerwerk (Neuromance Era Demo)
9 It's Going To Rain For You (Latexxx Teens Remix)
10 Along With You (Trentacoste Remix) 05:06
11 Spider Claw (Miss Loony Remix)
12 Along With You (ORAX Remix)
13 Many Thanks (Belladonna remix)
14 Bang Your Head (Epochate Remix by Noras Blake)
15 Infection 13 (T3chnophb1a Remix)